Favorite Houseplant Products & Services

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Neptune fish emulsion fertilizer for houseplants bloomingful peach

Wiggle Worm Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer Bloomingful Peach

Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer 

Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer

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Buy Worm Castings Here

gnat traps get rid of fungus gnats bloomingful peach

Sticky Gnat Traps

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katchy fly and gnat trapper get rid of gnats bloomingful peach

The Plant Club Monthly Plant Subscription Box

Katchy Indoor Fly & Gant Trapper

The Plant Club Houseplant Subscription Service

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indoor houseplant grow lights bloomingful peach

Clear Plant Saucer Drip Tray Bloomingful Peach

Indoor Grow Lights (White Light)

Clear Plant Saucers 15-pack

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Black Gold African Violet Potting MIx

Insecticidal soap bloomingful peach

Black Gold African Violet Potting Mix

Captain Jack’s Insecticidal Soap

Buy Your African Violet Potting Mix Here

Buy Captain Jack’s Insecticidal Soap Here

Captain Jacks Neem Oil Bloomingful Peach

fox farm ocean forest potting soil mix indoor outdoor for garden and plants bloomingful peach

Captain Jack’s Neem Oil

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix

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