12 Crazy Easy Houseplant Watering Tips For Speedy Plant Growth

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Inside: Aside from the struggles of proper lighting, as a plant owner watering your houseplants seems to be one of the most popular frustrations. These quick easy houseplant watering tips will make your plants thrive like they’re out in their natural habitat.

When you began your journey to becoming a houseplant parent, did you ever think it would be so difficult to figure out how much water your plants require?

I mean, how hard could it be? You fill up a watering can with water and pour it into your plant’s soil.

Easy, right?

Unfortunately for most of us, it’s not as easy as it may seem. There’s nothing wrong with loving your plant, but sometimes we’ll accidentally smother our plants with too much love and affection.  (Love equals water). In human terms, this excessive love is like pushing your boyfriend for a commitment, or when you get all crazy with baby fever.

No one likes to feel smothered. Not even our plants.

Heck, if plants were our boyfriends, they’d probably run away into the night screaming, trying to get away from our crazy ways.

12 Crazy Easy Houseplant Watering Tips For Speedy Plant Growth

The thing is this. Our plants can’t run away. The only thing they can do from over or underwatering is die in a sad, horrible way.

No one wants to see their houseplant drop leaves or watch them turn from a once vivid happy green to a sickly, sad yellow.

12 easy houseplant watering tips all plant owners need to know  

1. If you’re not using rain, spring, or filtered water, you’ll want to let your water sit overnight for whatever chemicals are in the water to evaporate. This method will not remove all of the chemicals but it’ll reduce them a lot. Using distilled water isn’t the best choice as it doesn’t contain any nutrients your plant requires.

2. A large plant that’s planted in a small pot will require more water than a small plant that’s planted in a larger pot.

3. Plants that actively grow in the winter will require to be watered more.

4. Plants with large, thin leaves, such as a Peace lily will require more frequent watering than fleshy, succulent-leaved varieties such as a Peperomia.

5. Plants prefer room-temperature water. Putting an ice cube or cold water on it can shock its root system, causing irreversible root damage.

6. Plants in the hot summer months will require more water than in the winter months.

7. Plants in terracotta pots lose water more easily than plants in glazed clay or plastic pots. Plants potted in terra cotta pots will need to be watered more frequently.

8. If you’re using soil that’s heavy, such as store-bought general potting soil,  and doesn’t contain a lot of perlite, pumice, or sand, you’ll want to water that plant less frequently.

9. Flowering plants require more watering once the flowers begin to emerge.

10. Plants that are rootbound will require more frequent watering than those that aren’t rootbound.

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11. If you use a humidifier, your plants will require less watering; however, always check your surrounding walls for any potential mold that may be starting to grow.

12. If the heat is going in the winter months, you’ll want to water your plants more frequently as the heat will speed up the evaporation process.

No one said, being a plant parent was easy, but with these simple and easy houseplant watering tips, your job as a plant parent is now less stressful.

How do you water your plants?

Which method of watering your plants do you prefer, top watering or bottom watering? Share with a comment.

Stay Peachy!

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