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This Is The Best Way How To Succeed In Decluttering When Sentimental

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Decluttering is hard enough, but when you’re trying to get succeed in decluttering when you’re sentimental is a process that needs to be done with care.

I’m not saying the process is going to be easy; it’s not. But, with enough self-determination and positive thinking, you will accomplish what you set forth.

You need to make the first move when it comes to decluttering when sentimental

One of the most common reasons people have trouble making progress on a decluttering project is that they are sentimental about sentimental things—like personal mementos, photographs, and other things that have emotional value for them. While this can be a good thing in moderation, it can also prevent you from getting rid of stuff you don’t really need anymore.

So how do you make room for new items without having to throw away something precious? Start by tackling the easiest items first: those that don’t hold any sentimental value for you. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself over years of living with less stuff, it’s that once I get started purging my home of unnecessary belongings (and making room for the ones I actually want), I feel much better about parting with those items that do have some value to me but not enough to justify keeping them around forever!

Once these easy things are done and out of your way (though hopefully not gone forever), then move on to harder things like photos and keepsakes—try not to think too hard about these types when starting out—they’ll come later as new places open up as a result of all the other tasks being completed first.”

Take photos of things

Photo albums are a great way to remember things, and they’re also an awesome way to declutter.

The best part? It doesn’t matter whether you keep the actual objects or not—you can still take photos of them so that you always have a record of what they look like. For example, if your Grandma gave you an antique watch on her deathbed and now she’s gone forever (RIP), but the watch is still ticking away happily on your wrist: Take a photo. Maybe frame it alongside the photo of Grandma herself so that every time she looks at it she remembers how much time has passed since then. Or maybe just put it in storage with all your other stuff where no one will ever see it again unless they ask for directions back home from their vacation spot in Hawaii sometime next year when this thing finally breaks down for good because there’s no one left alive who knows how clocks work anymore since everything else stopped working first!

When it comes to decluttering when sentimental realize you can’t keep everything

You can’t keep everything. It’s a fact of life. If you had to cram your entire life into one room, you would probably have to get rid of at least 99% of what you own. This is because most things are not essential to survival or happiness—they are sentimental tokens from our past that would be better served as mementos rather than possessions.

If an object is too precious to lose completely, but also too precious to throw away, consider storing it in a closet or attic until the day comes when it will be appreciated again by someone else…someone who might actually want it!

Store things in one place

The key to decluttering is finding a place for everything and then putting it there. Don’t let sentimental items clutter up your space. Instead, create a designated spot where you can store your most precious possessions safely and securely.

Some ideas include:

  • Using an old box or bag that you don’t mind throwing away later when the time comes.
  • Keep all of your personal photos, letters, etc., in one place—whether that be on a computer or in an envelope marked with the year it was written/sent to you (this will help keep them organized).
  • Putting sentimental items such as jewelry in a safe deposit box instead of keeping them at home where they could be stolen or lost (although we’re sure this won’t happen).

The key point to decluttering when sentimental – Learn to limit your keepsakes

One question I hear a lot from clients is, “How do I get rid of all this stuff?” The answer is simple: You don’t. You can’t keep everything forever, so you must be selective and realistic about what you’re keeping and why.

For starters, consider the facts: You can only live in one house at a time, but it’s possible that some people will inherit your things when they pass away. What if they’re not sentimental? Will they want your collection of decorative pillows? Probably not. Would they appreciate them as much as someone who shares your distinct sense of style? Probably not. By limiting what I try to keep around me at any given time (and by allowing myself space in my closet or drawers), I’m able to keep my belongings organized, clean—and most importantly—meaningful!

Decluttering when sentimental is a process that needs to be done with care.

First, you must be willing to let go. You can’t just dump everything in a box and hope for the best—that would be like throwing away your memories in hopes that they will come back to you later. Instead, you should donate anything that is still useful and sell anything that is valuable (and can be sold). After that comes the hardest part: letting go of your past.

Once this final step has been taken, it’s time to start decluttering!

Are you still struggling with decluttering when sentimental?

If you are struggling with letting go of sentimental clutter, remember that it’s okay to hold on to things—as long as you have a plan for giving them away. It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes, the most meaningful keepsakes are not material things at all. The best way to commemorate someone is by sharing a story about them like we did above.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on decluttering sentimental clutter. Share with a comment.

Stay Peachy!

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