Writing your about page is just as tricky as writing your online dating profile.

Before I start off with my introduction, I want to say, hello and thank you so much for visiting Bloomingful Peach. I’m not sure how you found me but I’m super glad you did. 

My name is Stacey. I love to laugh, love bright colors, love quirky and whimsical things, and most of all I adore blogging! In fact, I have another blog called Food Safety Superhero which is devoted to all things Food Safety. Yeah, like you couldn’t have figured that out by the website’s name. LOL. I really enjoyed writing about food safety. It’s actually a really great website and very informative. Feel free to check it out. 

Since I had nothing else to write about over at Food Safety Superhero, I decided I wanted to start another blog that was pretty much focused on cleaning. I then soon realized I didn’t just want to write about cleaning, so I slowly incorporated other areas of life that are interesting and inspiring. 

My goal is to inspire you to either try something new or find an answer to a question you’ve been searching for. 

I truly hope you find some answers to questions you have, and if this is the only time you visit the Bloomingful Peach website, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by. Hopefully, we will meet again soon, the next time you’re searching for a solution to your question. 

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Everything, as I always enjoy reading your emails. But I did especially love your Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ 💕💓💘💖 just devine
The sponge idea for plant pots was the best