7 Insanely Amazing Products In The April 2023 Allure Beauty Box

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Of all the beauty subscription boxes, the Allure Beauty Box is my favorite. The April 2023 Allure Beauty Box did not disappoint.

The box I received had a total of seven items. Five are full-sized, and two are deluxe sample/travel-size products. The value of this entire box was $340, and guess what? I only paid $20 for it!

Due to the fact, I had to stop my membership for over a year, when I signed up again as a new member I was sent a free full-size product. I’m not sure if I would have received that if I had “reactivated” my previous membership. If you were a former subscriber of the Allure Beauty Box and you’re thinking about subscribing again, I would just set up a new account and not reactivate; unless you don’t care for the free full-size item that will be supplied in your box.

Let’s take a look inside the April 2023 Allure Beauty Box

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask

Allure beauty box 2023 Rodial Dragons blood hyaluronic mask

The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask is touted as a gentle lightweight texture formulated with a complex of hydrating actives to give skin a boost of moisture. This luxurious face mask will help to nourish and condition, providing comfort to dehydrated and dry skin. Leaves skin feeling soothed and soft, the perfect preparation for a plumped complexion.

Able Skincare Anti-Ageing Retexturing & Resurfacing Duo Moisturizer

Allure beauty box april 2023 able skincare anti-ageing retexturing and resurfacing duo moisturizer

According to the Able Skincare website, “The Anti-Ageing Retexturing and Resurfacing Duo Moisturiser have been formulated with Cosmetic Drone™, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients.

The science: Harbouring signature ingredients, the Anti-Ageing Retexturing and Resurfacing Duo Moisturiser is infused with an anti-aging Cosmetics Drone™, Shea butter, and Cottonseed oil. Cosmetic Drone™ technology entraps powerful ingredients into biocompatible polymers. In the form of X50 capsules™, this revolutionary technology targets specific cells releasing active ingredients such as Glycolic acid and peptides where needed to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The combination of Shea butter and Cottonseed oil in the formula is ideal for sensitive & dry skin and helps restore softness and suppleness.”

Wow! That sure is a huge claim; and very scientific. I do enjoy reading about the science behind beauty products; how about you? Believe me, I’ll be testing it out over the next few months to see how true it is. I’m very excited to test this product out for myself.

Commodity Book Expressive

Allure beauty box april 2023 commodity book expressive

I must say, at first, I was excited about this fragrance being part of my Allure Beauty Box, because all I hear are other beauty lovers singing its praises. Everyone said how beautiful it smelled.

Man, I wish I had their sense of smell; or maybe I’m glad I don’t. To me, this fragrance smells like B.O. Yep, you read it correctly. It smells like some really rank body odor. There is some chemical component that I’ve found in a lot of beauty products, that is so overwhelmingly powerfully stinky, for the life of me I’m not sure why no one else can smell it.

Aside from my issue with it, 98% of the female population that has used and/or smelled this fragrance loved it, and I’m sure you will as well.

The notes of this fragrance are earthy and woody. The fragrance description is cedarwood and sandalwood woody essence amplified with smoke and velvet musk. The herbaceous, dry wood lingers with a subtle smokiness for an inimitable signature trail.

Yeah, a trail. A trail of stinky. Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.

RealHer Eye AM Resilient Metallic Bronze Eyeliner

Allure beauty box april 2023 Realher eye am resilient metallic bronze eyeliner

Not much to really say about an eyeliner; however, the RealHer Eye AM Resilient Eyeliner is waterproof and safe for your waterline. I am pretty thrilled Allure Beauty Box sent an eyeliner that wasn’t black. Bronze or any other light color eyeliner will always make your eyes pop and look so much brighter and awake.

Flamingo Razor

Allure beauty Box April 2023 Flamingo Razor

According to the Flamingo Razor company, this razor “features five sharp blades, a 360° comfort system to help protect skin from irritation, a flexible hinge to hug every curve, and a weighted ergonomic handle made with up to 35% recycled plastic”.

I most likely will not be using this razor, seeing how at the ripe old age of 59, I have around two hairs on each of my legs and maybe one or two hairs under my arms. I’m currently using a razor now which I predict will last me a good six years as the rate of my hair growth has diminished a great deal.

Other than that, I found this razor to be really comfortable to hold, and I’m sure it will give you years of enjoyment.

111 Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster

Allure beauty box april 2023 111skin rose gold serum

I’m super excited to try out this rose gold radiance booster. According to the 111Skin website:

This “skin care booster that soothes and hydrates dull, dry, and irritated skin, is applied all over the face to leave your complexion with an unrivaled radiance and luminosity. Pure gold will transform tired-looking skin to have a lit-from-within glow, while rose flower water calms irritation, hydrates and protects and Niacinamide soothes inflammation and evens out a once-uneven skin tone”.

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum

Allure beauty box Aveda botanical repair strengthening overnight serum

Who doesn’t love a good hair serum? This is another product I’m eager to test out.

According to the Aveda website, “This overnight intensive serum strengthens hair while you sleep. Builds bonds, repairs all three layers of hair, and reduces the appearance of split ends by 84% overnight, powered by Nangai oil.

It’s also free from Silicones, Parabens, Mineral oil, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Formaldehyde and its donors, SLS and SLES, Triclosan, and Triclocarban; so that’s pretty exciting.

I’m really looking forward to testing out this product because I am in desperate need of a good overnight hair treatment.

All-in-all, I was pretty excited about the April 2023 Allure Beauty Box.

Allure beauty box april 2023 total retail value

If you’d like to learn more about the Allure Beauty Box, you can read my earlier blog post The Best Reasons Why You Need To Know About The Allure Beauty Box Monthly Subscription.

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Have you tried out the Allure Beauty Box?

If you’re not a member of the Allure Beauty Box and you want to join, you can do so here. Are you an existing member of the Allure Beauty Box? Are you interested in trying it out? What was your overall impression of the April 2023 Allure Beauty Box? Let me know what you think about this box. Share with a comment.

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